Collaborate on UI
with Enterprise scale

Work Offline

In desktop app

Own your business data using MockFlow offline capability with zero cloud dependence

MockFlow Work Offline

Single sign-on

Out-of-box support for popular identity providers

MockFlow provides login via Google SSO using OAuth and also supports popular enterprise identity providers such as Okta and OneLogin with minimal setup

Data Portability

Data Portability

Data migration between accounts

MockFlow supports self-serve data portability for business users to help merge or transfer all data from one account into another. This is useful in cases such as team restructuring , an employee gets relieved etc..

HD Video Conference

Collaborate on UI designs with your entire team face-to-face and also conduct remote UI presentations for design meetings, walkthroughs, and comments using the built-in communication suite

MockFlow Video conference
Videochat audio icon

Audio only chat

Users have the option to include video or only audio during a chat

MockFlow Videochat presentation icon

Remote Presentation

Slideshow all your UI mockups with your team like in a meeting room

MockFlow Textchat icon

Text Chat

In addition to Video, users can discuss using the annotated Text Chat feature

App Integrations

Works with your business apps

Mix design with business using powerful integrations for top-class enterprise platforms such as GSuite, Atlassian, Office 365, Trello and Slack. This makes sharing and communicating your UI designs easier with fewer steps.

MockFlow Integrations

The only UX Suite

UX planning made for business level collaboration

MockFlow is the only platform that provides all UX planning tools in a single suite that enables teams to visualize concepts, plan IA, document styles, approve designs, illustrate screenshots and more. It provides businesses everything needed for planning their next UI effectively.

MockFlow UX Suite

Data Protection

Protected by advanced encryption with SSL

All MockFlow tools are protected by advanced encryption with SSL, secure deployment and multi-point data backups. Also you'll get dedicated 24/7 customer support and unlimited support tickets. For more information on our security practices, click here.

Security & Backup

Brainstorm UI from anywhere, together

Brainstorm Ideas
Real-time editing

Work together as project members can edit UI designs or review them in real-time

Communicate Concepts
Communicate concepts

Collaborate and gather feedback with annotated conversations and design specifications.

Document Styles

Use our collaboration powerups like Whiteboard, Video feedback and UI Slides

Design Approvals
Design approvals

Get instant design approvals for UI with our best-in-class review system

Manage UI workflows
Manage UI workflows

Create and manage your UI workflow methodology for remote teams

Role-based sharing
Role-based sharing

Share with advanced role-based permissions on who can create, review or approve

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