All the tools you require for website and software ideation
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Start visualizing your UI ideas with no time limit

Free No time Limit

  • 1 design space
  • 1 project in each app
  • No collaborators
  • No editor addons
  • No Genius AI
  • Project restrictions
  • Personal license
Billed at $168 / year


Complete toolkit for software and website ideation

$ 14 1 editor /month

  • 10 design spaces
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • Editor addons
  • 20 Genius AI credits / day
  • No Project restrictions
  • Commercial license
Billed at $324 / year


For Teams - Advanced sharing and collaboration features

$ 27 3 editors /month

  • Unlimited design spaces
  • Unlimited projects
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Editor addons
  • 30 Genius AI credits / day
  • No Project restrictions
  • Commercial license
  • Space Analytics
  • Track Project Activity


Manage product design at scale with compliance

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Plan Features Basic Premium TeamPack Enterprise
Design spaces

Organize product design work into spaces. Like workspaces but for design.

1 10

Create UI drawings, Flow diagrams, Design assets, SiteMap, CJM and more

1 each

Collaborate on product assets, videos, pdf, documentation and embed projects from other services


Add extra features and UI tools right within the editor like Translator, SpellChecker, UnSplash, Bing Search...

Share your entire design space with a link

Get stunning visual insights for your space like top projects, active creators, file approval status and more..


Reviewers can only view, leave feedback and download

Editors can create new projects in space and also edit existing items

License count 30 or more

Admin have full space rights except cannot delete or change ownership

License count 30 or more

Conduct high-quality audio/video meetings with all stakeholders right within your Wireframe/Flow project

Hold live UI walkthroughs in meetings to demonstrate UI

Leave contextual comments in wireframes that can point to the UI area of discussion

Having chat inside the editor helps easier communication while editing or reviewing without external tools

Versioning comes for all file types. Add version number and notes for better accountability of product assets


Do live, contextual discussions right on top of creatives

Secure project links with passkey

Collaborate on video files with frame based visual feedback

Track important events within your project like page updates, new comments, added revisions... in a chronological order

Wireframing features

Number of pages allowed in a Wireframe project


Hundreds of pre-built UI packs with components for all popular frameworks, devices and product types

Create and maintain custom UI packs which are auto-shared with all team members

Symbols are reusable components that you can create once and use across multiple pages or sections of your project.

Add coded components from scratch or import tailwind comps to wireframe

Each page in wireframe project has its own revision history that can be previewed, compared and restored


Export selected portions from page

Create UI flows between screens and components using flow mode

Inspect any element in UI specs mode to get its details like color, font and css code

Merge multiple UI packs to a single pack for easy access. Example: Sketchy Icons + Sketchy UI to a single pack

Style wireframe components directly with CSS

Instant access to several popular icon libraries

Instant access to several popular illustration libraries

Generate image, sitemap, diagrams, colors, tables, text content with AI

20 30 30
Flows app

Number of pages allowed in a Flow project


Flow diagram packs for creating different types of diagrams

Create flowcharts and UML diagrams in general or sketchy diagram types

Support for AWS, GCP, Azure diagrams out of box with shapes and templates

Each page in flow project has its own revision history that can be previewed, compared and restored

Designer app

Number of screens allowed in a Designer project


Designer packs for creating different types of design assets like coverarts, social media, blog images and more...

2x export of designs

Huge library of icons, stock photos and illustrations

Access UnSplash library, Bing search, Gdrive, Dropbox for assets

Easily customizable templates for various purposes

Other Product design tools

Validate and evaluate your UI designs with real users by creating and sharing different types of user test


Create rich docs with images, tables and wireframes in wysiwyg editor


Create fictional users to reflect your product's core user base interests


Form beautiful sitemaps with detailed node information in minutes


Create, translate and manage UI strings from wireframes for different languages. It exports to native i18n bundles for use in real projects.

Create tokens for all UI elements about its color, animation, fonts.... Export tokens into css,scss formats for use in real projects

Streamline design approval process with variations. Upload variations, get feedback and select the best design.


Create beautiful Customer Journey maps in minutes to visually represent the stages customers go through when interacting with a company or product, or UI.


Easily assign, manage and switch licenses with roles using the self-serve License Manager

Out of box support for Okta and Azure. And any SSO service provider that supports SAML

Only Yearly

Encrypt .wire files with password to secure offline wireframe projects

Only Yearly

Employee leaving? No worries, migrate all data to another user

Only Yearly

Put projects in cold-storage by locking and preventing un-intended edits

Only Yearly

Enable 2FA with OTP for additional layer of security

Only Yearly
Apps & Integrations

Get fully functional multi-window desktops apps for Mac and Windows

Create and work on Wireframe, Flow and Designer projects - file based without cloud support (like Adobe Photoshop)

Only Yearly

Instead of explaning UI in a text message. Draw and send your UI concept all without leaving Slack

Connect productivity with design to draw and embed UI ideas in your Trello cards

Install GSuite enterprise wireframe app from Google Marketplace

Draw UI wireframes within Google docs for your creative documents

Open the full-fledged wireframe editor within Office Word - online and desktop versions

Let your designers upload the creatives to space directly from Photoshop without distrupting workflow

Brainstorm UI with your JIRA and confluence workflow. Integrates with existing users, requires separate license.

Learn more about our compliance and security practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose?

Premium plan is best suited for professionals and solopreneurs. For teams, businesses and agencies, the "TeamPack" plan provides great value

Should project members purchase a license?

Project members can review shared projects with the free basic plan. But need a license to co-edit projects.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can purchase MockFlow with any major credit card. Enterprise licenses have additional payment options such as bank transfer and Purchase Order using the same purchase button in the above table.

Is there a trial available?

MockFlow offers a free Basic plan for all its apps. The basic plan has certain restrictions like the number of projects and spaces, but it still provides enough features to learn and test without time limits.

What happens when my license expires?

When your subscription period ends, you will receive an email notification of the license expiration. If not renewed, all your projects will be archived securely for free and accessed when upgraded again.

Can I purchase additional user licenses later?

Yes. The license administrator can purchase additional user licenses anytime from their dashboard.

Is my account secure?

We follow various best practices to keep all data secure and backed up. For more details, click here.

For more questions check Billing FAQ.
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Purchase MockFlow Premium Yearly
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