Security at MockFlow

Enterprise grade
security practices

At MockFlow we ensure, our infrastructure, development, data and application follow security compliance at all times

Secured Data

Infrastructure Security

We use top of the line services for hosting and protecting our infrastructure. MFA, key rotation, VPN and other important factors are followed at the server level



All of MockFlow is hosted with Amazon Web Services - the leader in cloud infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as per Gartner



MockFlow is protected with network firewall and application-level firewall along with intrusion detection and alerts.


DDOS Safeguard

Our servers are protected actively from DDOS attacks using Cloudflare. And also they are monitored every minute for any anomalies


SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified hosts

We only use SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified services for hosting customer data. This ensures our cloud providers are trustworthy

Data Protection

We protect and safeguard all customer data with the following actions


Continuous Backups

We perform continuous backup of customer data and also store them securely in different locations


Encryption of sensitive data

256-bit key is used for encrypting sensitive information like passwords


S3 File Hosting

Files are stored at AWS S3 that provides geographically-dispersed Availability Zones, protected by 99.999999999% of durability


CheckmarkSSL for data transmission

Only SSL/HTTPS is used for all data transmissions protected by AES-256 bit key encryption. Our latest SSL scan report from Qualys Inc (leader in compliance and auditing) gives MockFlow: A+ rating as shown above.

Application Security

Security at the application level is important to prevent attacks like SQL injection, XSS from hackers. At MockFlow we have taken various steps to ensure our application is always secure against such attacks.

Mozilla Observe
Content Security Policies

Adequate Content Security Policies

Content Security Policies

Regular Web application scanning for vulnerabilities

Content Security Policies

OWASP Top 10 validation

Content Security Policies

Validation of our security with Qualys Inc and Mozilla observatory

Content Security Policies

Network vulnerability testing with Qualys Inc. and AWS Detective

Content Security Policies

Following best security practices for development

Security Features

Function level security in MockFlow helps team admins to ensure their organization follows secure workflows within their teams when using MockFlow



MockFlow supports popular Single-Sign-On (SSO) identity providers out of box like OneLogin, Okta. Besides them we also support SAML for other providers

Secure Sharing

Secure Sharing

All projects created in MockFlow are by default private and can be shared with other users using the required permissions - Reviewer, Editor or Admin

Secure Delete

Secure Delete

Deleting projects in MockFlow asks for password token to safeguard user data. Also all important user actions are logged for audit purposes.

Password protect files
Encrypted .wire file

Secure offline sharing of .wire design files created with WireframePro desktop app by password protecting them with unbreakable AES-256-bit cipher.


Two-Factor Authentication

Centrally enable and manage 2FA in admin dashboard for all team members to secure signing-in with a two-step verification process.

Secure Development

This is where it all starts. We always ensure all our organization members undergo security training and follow secure guidelines during coding, testing and deployment.


Code Review

Peer based code reviews are conducted to detect any security faults in code


Security Audits

Application level security scanning is done with Qualys Inc. for detecting any security holes


Security vetting of our vendors

We ensure not only our infrastructure but also the third-party libraries used are updated with latest security patches


Stage based testing

Stage based testing - branch, integration and deployment level helps to catch bugs that might otherwise go undetected


Personal security

Our development center is provided with adequate active and passive security arrangements such as CCTV, user activity monitoring, anti-virus etc...

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