Wireframing for Rapid UI Design

Brainstorm and visualize your UI ideas in the shortest time with MockFlow.

Quickest way to sketch your UI ideas

Hundreds of
Pre-defined Component Styles
Built-in Stock Image and Icon libraries
AI features to generate content
Master Pages to save repetitions
Wizard mode for generating wireframes

Design 10x Faster with these ready-made components and UI kits

Whether you're working on Website design, Web app design, Mobile app design, or Enterprise software design for Salesforce or Atlassian apps, our extensive collection of thousands of professionally created UI components is here to supercharge your UI Design process by 10x.

Each UI Pack is meticulously crafted by our team of designers, ensuring attention to detail.And if you find a UI Pack missing, fret not! Just let us know, and we'll swiftly add it for you, tailoring our offerings to suit your every design need.

UI kits

Easily find the right images for your UI Design

With seamless integration, MockFlow empowers you to effortlessly access images from your Dropbox or Google Drive, and search for the perfect image from the web or stock images — all within the convenience of a single platform. Say goodbye to switching between multiple tools, and experience the ultimate ease and efficiency in your creative process with MockFlow.

Accelerate component styling with pre-defined styles

Easily drag-and-drop components and choose from templates to quickly style them. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a newcomer to the world of design, our user-friendly interface ensures that the journey from concept to reality is as smooth as it is inspiring.

Instantly access Icon libraries

Effortlessly find the perfect icons with just a few clicks with direct access to a wide range of popular icon libraries right within MockFlow.

Icon libraries

Iterate as fast as you Ideate

Common designs across pages like header, footer, sidebars can be maintained in one place using master pages helping do iterations faster.

Icon libraries

UI approval workflow

Elevate your design workflow by organizing your wireframe pages as "in-progress," "done," "review," and more, ensuring streamlined UI design process.

Streamline workflow

Handy tools to assist you with your Design content

With in-built tools to do a spell-check, WCAG accessibility test, translate entire designs to multiple languages, or to generate content with AI, MockFlow eases your content generation part of the wireframing.

Helpful design tools

Super fast copywriting & image generation with AI

Leverage the power of AI to effortlessly and rapidly generate website copy and images, simplifying the content creation process like never before.

Generate text and images with AI

Create Simple clickable Prototypes and share easily

Create simple yet interactive clickable prototypes that provide a more functional feel and effectively showcase your design to your team or stakeholders, thanks to the seamless integration of page linking and internal linking features.

Wizard Mode to quickly create Website designs

Build your website page like assembling LEGO blocks using our pre-created UI blocks. Choose from three wizard options - Bootstrap, Tailwind UI, and AMP email layouts. Drag & Drop and then customize to create wireframes in minutes.

Create website designs

Wireframe in your style

Whether your design demands low-fidelity wireframes, blocky wireframes, or high-fidelity wireframes, MockFlow has you covered with specialized components to cater to each style. Start from low-fidelity wireframes and seamlessly transition to high-fidelity wireframes.
Explore our wireframe template library

Sketchy wireframes


Blocky wireframes


High fidelity wireframes


Design Collaboration at ease

Design collaboration

Defined Roles for Sharing

Effortlessly collaborate with your team while maintaining full control of your wireframes, thanks to defined roles such as reviewer, editor, and admin, ensuring a smooth and efficient design process.

Collaborate with your remote team

Engage in seamless UI design collaboration with your team, enjoying both face-to-face interactions and conducting remote UI presentations for design meetings, walkthroughs, and comments, all facilitated by our built-in communication suite.


Easy sharing with Clients

Easily involve non-team members, clients, and stakeholders in your design process by sharing the UI design through a public link. It's a great way to gather feedback and collaborate with everyone involved.

Shared UI Packs

Create saved components and custom UI packs tailored to your project's unique needs and share them with your team to ensure a consistent design style and increase productivity.

Advanced Features for More control


Get creative with CSS and HTML to design your own custom components. Reuse these personalized elements across your projects, maintaining consistency in your designs. Perfect for design teams and designers with unique requirements!

Create custom components with CSS and HTML

Custom CSS

Elevate your wireframes to perfection by utilizing CSS to apply advanced styling to default components, ensuring pixel-perfect designs that are ideal for high-fidelity wireframes.

Custom CSS

Layout Builder & Grids

Save valuable time with our advanced UI components, such as the Layout builder and Data grids, eliminating the need to create them from scratch.

Layout Builder

Revision History

In-built revision history for wireframes enables seamless comparison and iteration of designs, ultimately boosting efficiency in your UI design process.

Revision History

Hand-off made easy

Get CSS code

Smooth out design hand-off and minimize issues with our specs mode. By providing CSS code for each component, developers can effortlessly implement your designs, ensuring a hassle-free transition from design to development.

CSS Code

Design Tokens

Helps designers and developers to collaborate more effectively in creating a cohesive and unified design language. Maintain design consistency, improve workflow efficiency, and make it easier to implement changes or updates in the future.

Design Tokens

Wireframing tool for all.

Product Owners

Sketch out the exact idea on your mind with minimal effort.

Product Managers

Communicate visually with your team using MockFlow.

UI Designers

Quickly create UI design variations and iterate faster without any pain.


Best way to communicate functionality with design.

Anyone with an Idea

Students, Newbies, or anyone can easily visualize their UI ideas