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Draw interactive User Interface Mockups with WireframePro Open

MockFlow WireframePro helps to design and collaborate user interface blueprints for websites and apps in less time.

Wireframe Editor

WireframePro provides a full featured drag-n-drop editor for drawing user interface mockups. It includes support for master pages, presentation mode, layers, auto-sizing of canvas, interactivity, icons,... to name a few.


It comes with numerous components for a wide variety of user interfaces. This includes Web, Bootstrap Library, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Apple Watch, Android Watch, Forms, Annotations...Support for more categories are on the way.


Wireframes can be exported to a wide variety of formats - Images, MS Word, Adobe PDF and MS PowerPoint
Export to MS Word
Export to Powerpoint
Export to PDF
Export to Image
Export to HTML5

Template Store

Within the editor, users can access 3rd party templates using "MockStore". A growing library of templates are available in MockStore which are submitted by the MockFlow user community. All Templates are available for Free and can be instantly imported into a project.


WireframePro provides collaboration features such as Real-Time editing, Annotated Comments which is essential for Wireframing as it helps in seemless communication of ideas

Page Views

Pages are shown in a grid layout with thumbnails like in a Slideshow. In this layout, it is easy to view and search all the pages at a glance.

In Map view, Pages are organized like a visual sitemap with page thumbnails. The Map can be zoomed, dragged and also exported to Image.

With the "Workflow" view, wireframes can be easily organized into lists similar to Kanban (aka Trello) boards. Since the workflow feature is built-in the editor and is real-time, it helps to streamline your design process with Team Members, Clients and Managers.

Spec Feature

Using "Specs", users can automatically generate pixel-perfect specifications and css code for any component used in the Wireframe. "Specs" simplifies design handoff as designers can easily pull out details such as positioning, size, colors, fonts, assets and also make use of the generated css styles

Image Editor

This built-in Image Editor is nicely integrated with rest of the wireframe functions. The image editor provides only features that are useful for wireframing such as cropping, image-to-sketch mode, flip and color picker.


WireframePro is built for Teams. Projects can be shared privately with permissions - Reviewer, Editor or Admin. And also publicly by generating a preview URL.

Can only view project, export / comment


Can view and the edit the wireframe


Full Rights to the project like Owner


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