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Draw and post UI mockups from Slack

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Follow the below steps on how to install, draw and share wireframes in Slack

Step 1: Install WireframePro app for Slack

Click on the above 'Add to Slack' button to install WireframePro for your team.

Step 2: Use /wireframepro command to draw UI Wireframes

To start drawing wireframes, enter the command /wireframepro name-of-the-wireframe. After this command is executed you will receive a private slack message with a link to the WireframePro Editor

Step 3: Open editor to draw wireframe

When the editor opens for the first time, it will ask you to connect your MockFlow account with Slack. If you do not have a MockFlow account, you can signup for a free Basic Plan in the same page and connect to the editor.

In the editor, select the type of UI you want to draw. WireframePro provides components for a wide range of UI types such as iOS, Android, Web, Bootstrap, Material, WatchOS, Windows, MacOS etc...

Step 4: Post wireframe image back to Slack

After drawing, you can directly post the wireframe in image format back to the same Slack channel automagically.

Other info

The wireframes that you create will be also available in your account for later editing and collaboration.


Follow the below links on how to use the WireframePro editor or contact us at

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