Add extra features and UI tools right within your WireframePro editor

UI Management

Manage, track and document with these addon tools for UI management

Proposal Creator

A full blown proposal creation software integrated within WireframePro. Easily create multi-page design proposals for UI development and send it to your clients.

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Change log

Create and maintain a change log of your UI designs. ChangeLog Power-up helps to log updates of your UI design per page. Maintain and see a visual history of your UI design changes.

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Design Utility

Helpful mini UI tools for wireframing like dummy text generator, compare designs, icon finder, unsplash plugin... Mouseover for more information

Analytics & Reporting

Provide more meta-data for your UI mockups. Analyze and generate reports


Draw and visualize heatmaps over wireframes. This powerup lets you draw dummy heatmaps to highlight UI areas.

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Communication & Collaboration

Showcase and present your UI wireframes

Video Feedback

Record UI demos of your designs created with MockFlow. Add video and voice to your demos. Useful for creating remote demonstrations and illustrating walkthroughs in UI.

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UI Prototyper

Turn static images into rich interactive prototypes. Import mockups created with any design tool, including MockFlow. Turn them into interactive UI prototypes with no coding.

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UX Storyboarding

UX Storyboarding brings the power to visualize a user's journey in a product or website. Storyboards are an easy way to represent complex workflows by creating specific user paths.

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More Powerups

Powerups can be installed by opening the WireframePro editor
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