Make product designing a teamwork

With its cloud-based collaborative features, MockFlow brings teams together for designing their next UI

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Sharing and roles

Share projects to team members with specific roles. Also a custom preview link can be generated for a wider sharing.

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Edit projects together in real-time

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Interact, review and leave feedback

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Have full control over the project

Virtual design meetings

Conduct meetings with all your stakeholders to get faster insights

Virtual design meetings
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Video calls

Make a virtual design meeting room with face-to-face HD video with all team members

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Audio only

Conduct audio only calls, cut-off video when not required for better bandwidth

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Text Chat

Discuss in real-time with annotated text chat. Save chat messages as comments

Workflow mode

Organize each screen in a project by status to give a clear picture on the design's outcome

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Review and approve designs

Design is all about iterations, With MockFlow your team can easily provide annotated feedback and approve the best variations

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Presentation mode

Is your team distributed? Conduct remote UI presentations with a button's click - no installs required

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Team activities

MockFlow provides a dedicated space in project dashboard for displaying recent activities of your team. Now never miss any updates, If anybody shares a project, makes a comment, approves a design or any other related activity.

It does not just list the activities but also alerts the target user through emails and native browser notifications.

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