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Design Timeline visualizations for various use cases with MockFlow Timeline Open

MockFlow Timeline takes a unique approach to craft beautiful and responsive timeline visualizations for businesses to visualize any time based data. Examples include Company roadmaps, Important events, Status history, Conference schedules, etc.


Timeline can be represented in different forms using Layouts. Each layout in Timeline depicts time based data with distinctive styling. User can easily switch between layouts to select what they need, without altering the underlying data. All layouts are responsive and are supported in mobile devices. More new layouts are on their way...


As shown in the picture above, each layout in the Timeline comes with numerous built-in themes and can be also customized with the built-in theme editor

Timeline Embedding

Timelines can be directly embedded within a webpage. And since timelines are by themselves are responsive, they automatically adapt to different screen sizes.


MockFlow Timeline is aimed at business users to showcase their time based data. Therefore Timeline provides two kinds of sharing Private sharing which consists of Viewer, Collaborator, Admin and then Public sharing which will generate a URL.

Can only view project, export / comment


Can view and the edit the project


Full Rights to the project like Owner

Event Types

A wide variety of content is supported in Timelines which include simple text, YouTube videos, Images, Tweets and Event Icons

Email Subscription

Viewers can subscribe to your Timelines like Newsletters. On Subscription, they will automatically receive email notifications whenever the timeline is updated with new events

Theme Editor

Any built-in theme in MockFlow Timeline can be fully customized with the theme editor with colors, fonts and more. Users can create, save and re-use custom themes.


MockFlow Timeline is fully real-time. Any change made to a Timeline is automatically synced in real-time for all users viewing the timeline in any device. No Page refresh required.
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