Improvement 15 Aug 2023

New UI Pack for brainstorming AI based software

New UI Pack for brainstorming AI based software

With the advent of OpenAI and LLM, AI based features and tools are the new trends in industry. Almost every new product or updates of an existing product has something do with AI. It goes without saying, AI makes software easier to use, saves time and reduces steps. In most cases, AI features starts with just a prompt or message, which its language model processes it just like humans and gives the required output.

AI is not just text based, it does a variety of tasks like generating images, creating sitemaps, writes code and does much more. To do an AI based user interface, it is important to understand the nature of the problem it solves. AI can be part of anything such as a search engine, chat bot, icon generator...

It is important to brainstorm the interface on how users interact with your AI based functionality. MockFlow now offers an exclusive UI pack with ready-components for many AI based scenarios that you would require in your application.

With over 50+ components and templates designed for creating AI tools whether in web or mobile, the new AI pack along with MockFlow will help you visualize iteratively just like a whiteboard.

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