New 4 Aug 2023

Generate sitemaps for any website type with AI

Generate sitemaps for any website type with AI
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MockFlow helps website planning with its SiteMap tool. Using the SiteMap app, managers can easily make an overall outline of their website's structure and also add in-depth details to each page in the structure with status, description, attachments and comments.

Today's update helps you can create an entire sitemap structure for your upcoming website with just a prompt. Simply enter the type of website for which the sitemap has to be created, the rest is done using our AI.

Examples include: Ecommerce website, Business site, Crypto portal and virtually for anything you need sitemap structure.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.00.47 PM.png

Steps to use

  1. In the dashboard's create menu, click on the "SiteMap" button
  2. Select "Create with AI"
  3. Enter prompt with your website type
  4. That's it your visual sitemap structure is generated

Once the sitemap is generated, you can share, collaborate and edit with your team members. Save time for better planning with this new feature.

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