Major 27 Mar 2024

Get your wireframes reviewed and rated by AI

Get your wireframes reviewed and rated by AI
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We are excited to introduce a new way to get your UI designs analyzed and reviewed automatically with AI and download them as PDF reports.

Feedback is a crucial aspect for a design to evolve in the right way especially in the idea stage. This is the reason why MockFlow provides annotated comments, in-built video chat, and also user testing software to accelerate discussion and get feedback from stakeholders. While all these help in their own ways for better design outcomes, it is also important to have continuous, automatic and impartial reviews for faster design progress. Hence Introducing "Design review by AI" as part of our Genius AI package in wireframepro editor.

How it Works?

To access "Design Review By AI", click the "Genius" icon inside the editor. It comes with two options, either you can get the full wireframe page reviewed by AI or you ask it to review only the selected portion of the design (In this case, You need to select parts of the design before clicking this button). In a few seconds, AI will generate a detailed report based on your design. AI will analyze your design with regard to various aspects such as clarity, usability, design aesthetics, creativity and various other attributes related to design. It is also powerful enough to detect the difference between a low-fi wireframe or a high-fidelity design. Also it can read and understand the text and images inside the design.

On generation, it produces a detailed report with an overall design score and smileys for each attribute to indicate its design level. Sad for bad design, Poker face for OK design and Happy for great design. This way editors can easily identify the key aspects of their design which needs improvements.

Export Review Reports

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 1.40.49 PM.png

You can save the generated reports in PDF format. The PDF report includes both the detailed review, rating and also the design for which it was reviewed. This way you can go back and check how AI has evolved its review based on your design progress. Also PDF reports are useful in sharing the AI perspective of your design with your team members and stakeholders.

"Design Review By AI" comes part of Genius AI credits. For more information and credit limits check on the pricing page.

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