Validate your UI designs with testers

Create different types of UI survey tests, share it with people and get better insights

User Interface evolves when users give feedback. User Testing helps to create tests, share and analyze this feedback.



Create different types of user tests

Get targeted user feedback for your UI designs with the following test types - Preference, Survey, First Impression and Click test. Also add custom welcome and thank you screens for your test project.


Publish and share your user test

By default a test project is in draft mode. To share, the project can be published and a preview link is generated. Share this public link to testers to evaluate your UI. You can also optionally collect user details such as their name and email.



Get graphical insights based on user feedback

Analyse all user responses from within your dashboard and make design decisions based on insights received. You can either get an overall representation or drill-down to a user to see their feedback.

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