Improvement 12 Apr 2023

Introducing new UI style for creating wireframes with "Block UI pack"

Introducing new UI style for creating wireframes with "Block UI pack"

Wireframes are all about representation like how prototyping is for interactions. MockFlow already provides many ways with which you can wireframe your UI ideas

  • Outline style with straight lines and raw components
  • Hi-fidelity with images and css based styling
  • Sketchy UI pack like drawing in a real paper or whiteboard
  • New! Block style - inbetween outline and sketchy

Each has its own use cases and it is important to choose the right style based on the intent of the design. Today's update brings Block based styling of components to create an informal UI design that stands between lo-fi and hi-fi.


It is represented by thick shadows, vivid use of colors within a small palette. It is really expressive in its own way. If you find sketchy wireframes are too unofficial or outline very basic, then the block style will suit you just right.

Here is a representation of Gmail UI using the block style UI pack. It lays stress to the UI elements and gives a better basic level picture of its components.


For more information and installing Block Style UI for your wireframe editor, click here.

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