Major 19 Dec 2023

Launching separate "Flow app" for drawing flowcharts, architecture diagrams and more...

Launching separate "Flow app" for drawing flowcharts, architecture diagrams and more...

MockFlow DesignSpace just got bigger with the new "Flow app". Following up our release on Flow mode inside WireframePro which is great for creating UI flows for wireframes, we are now excited to bring a explicit application for drawing flowcharts, software architecture diagrams, UML, flow visualizations and more. As a separate app, it will help us provide features geared towards flowchart creation.

Why should you use Flow app over other flowchart apps or whiteboard tools?

Tons of Flow shapes

Flow app provides an extensive list of shape libraries and icon libraries all out-of-the-box. Nothing to search or install separately. What's more there is universal search across all libraries to quickly find the type of shape or icon you are looking for your diagram.


Flow packs

Like how WireframePro provides various UI packs, Flow app has Flow packs and Flow components. Flow packs provides easy access to a set of related components to draw a particular kind of diagram. For example "Cloud Architecture pack" provides icons, shapes, containers, user icons, indicators to quickly draw SaaS diagrams. Similarly there are packs for UML diagrams, SAP architecture and more...

Also you can make your own Flow pack and share it with your team like a brandkit.


Animated Flows

Connectors in Flow app has options for various styles including animated line style. Which will capture user attention to important flows inside a diagram. More animations and interactivity options are coming soon to Flow app.

Generate with AI

Generate flow diagrams for anything that you can think of with the Flow AI. It can be HR process, Cloud serverless diagram, Process to book train ticket... Note: Flow AI is in alpha and we are constantly improving its results.

Shape modes

Flow app generally provides three types of shape types - General, Sketchy, 3D. Use general for normal diagrams. Sketchy to represent draft or flows under working. Use 3D as an alternative visualization for representing flowcharts in a new dimension.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 10.35.49 AM.png

Offline Flow app

Flow app is also available in offline form through our flagship MockFlow desktop app. Where you can save and read your own .flow files from your disk without storing data on our cloud servers.

Interactive Flowcharts

You can simulate drill-down flowcharts by using basic interactive options. Develop a network of interconnected diagrams, avoiding clutter and ensuring a clear, organized representation across multiple linked charts.

Other features

It also includes Advanced collaboration, Sharing, Embedding, Annotated comments, Revision history, Layers and other more features.

About Flow App

We believe the new Flow App provides a natural extension on our quest to make software planning easy, accessible and fun. Now in addition to brainstorming UI in MockFlow, also brainstorm process, flows, and architecture with minimal effort. Also to note we have many interesting features for Flow app on our roadmap so let us know your feedback and stay tuned.

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