Major 29 Aug 2023

Introducing "Illustration packs" in MockFlow WireframePro

Introducing "Illustration packs" in MockFlow WireframePro

Wireframe means fast visual representation of UI. So it makes brainstorming and iterating your UI blueprint as easy as possible.

Unlike other UI tools like Figma, XD or Sketch, MockFlow focuses on speed and not visual perfection. Which is why UI brainstormed in MockFlow is quicker as it provides numerous UI kits, pre-built components like tables, icon packs, image libraries and integrations at the click of a button.

Today's update adds one more to its arsenal in its quest to make wireframing more fast and fun. Introducing "Illustration packs", we all know majority of today's websites and apps include various illustrations as part of their UI to easily communicate their message to users. Illustration are very useful since they transcend across languages and using it in the wireframing stage increases the visual appeal of your idea.

Instead of scouting the web and finding an illustration , then uploading it to MockFlow. Now with illustration packs save all these extra steps. MockFlow already offers 5 different illustrations packs with over 1000 vectors to choose from. It does not end there, but in each illustration you can customize its color theme as per your design brand.

MockFlow Illustration Packs

In the near future, you can expect more new illustration packs and also an exclusive library of MIT licensed vector illustrations designed by our MockFlow Team.

Editable SVG vectors

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 12.02.04 PM.png

On a additional note, you can also now edit colors of any SVG or vector illustration uploaded to MockFlow directly. This is useful if you have your own illustrations or downloaded from any licensed store.

Illustrations packs are available free of cost for all plans include "Basic".

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