Update 12 Feb 2024

Improved insights for DesignSpace

Improved insights for DesignSpace

In today's update, we have overhauled design space insights with better graphics and more informative charts that speaks about your design projects.

Next to wireframing, MockFlow is known for its design project orgranization as it brings tools, files and members together under one roof. With design spaces, it is easy to organize, manage and share design projects just like a folder but better than that. Each design space comes with an insights button where it displays key information about what is happening in that space like top creators, project types, activity and more.

With just a click and a glance, check how your design space has evolved with your project and how your collaborators are involved. Space insights are useful in multiple cases like in agency-client relationship, client can have a better view of their agency's work progress. In a business related design space, it offers how their project uses different aspects of design to bring it together.

This is just the start, more features like activity timeline, AI related insights and integrations with regard to your design project organisation is coming soon to design spaces.

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