Bring everything together with design spaces

Manage your entire product design phase of your software by bringing your team, tools and related files under a single space

Managing your app's design is as important as the design itself. Centralizing design leads to less confusion, streamlines workflow and makes happy teams



Bring together all design related stuff of your app

Centralize and organize all your design files, projects and members in a single space. It doesn't matter if you are using photoshop, figma or any other design tool.


Space sharing is better than project level share

Since all your app's design is organized in a space, it is easier to share with team members. Share your space privately with your team with specific roles and also you can generate a public link for your space if needed.



Get an overview analytics of your space

As your design space grows, using the design analytics feature, you can get a graphical snapshot of what is happening inside the app and also about its contents.

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