Why MockFlow?

MockFlow vs Figma

MockFlow provides a full stack product design tool that extends beyond UI design

Comparing MockFlow to Figma

Figma is a great vector design tool if you are an experienced UI designer looking to create pixel perfect advanced prototypes. However there is a lot more to creating UI, which involves research, strategy, user feedback and design management.



Powerful UI brainstorming for everybody

Unlike Figma's editor which serves both UI and graphic design, MockFlow's wireframe app is solely meant for brainstorming UI. It has native components like advanced datagrid, arrow path, component level themes, Numerous UI packs and icon libraries all built inside the editor. You can also style your components using native CSS code and there is support for HTML components including integration of Tailwind library.

The best part of this editor is you need not be an UI designer to use MockFlow. The editor is as simple as a real whiteboard that anybody in your team can make UI suggestions in outline, sketchy or high-fidelity styles.


Design your Product

MockFlow provides a suite of tools like SiteMap, StyleGuide, User Personas, Customer Journey, User Testing and 20+ other apps for all stages of your product design process


1 space for 1 product

Manage design with spaces

This is more than Figma's workspace folders. In MockFlow's design space, you bring all your team, tools, files and projects (including figma files) related to your product under one space. This makes managing your product design and collaboration between various stakeholders streamlined and effective.

You can privately share your space with other members or publicly showcase your design roadmap by simply generating a space link. Here is a space example.

Major differences

  MockFlow Figma
Advanced Prototyping
Advanced SiteMap
User Personas
Design management
Integration apps
User Testing
Video meetings
CSS Support
Coded components
Tailwind support
File collaboration
SVG Export

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