Why MockFlow?

MockFlow vs Balsamiq

Don't stop with sketchy styling, MockFlow's editor is fast, easy-to-use and provides a comprehensive alternative for Balsamiq with its product design suite


Comparing MockFlow to Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a very easy to use tool for somebody new to UI design. With MockFlow anybody can rapidly design UI drawings and also save time with addons like dummy data generator, accessibility checker, layout generator and more.



Sketchy, outline or hi-fidelity - choose your stage

MockFlow provides numerous native components for drawing UI in every stage. Sketchy for early wireframe stage, Outline for improved concepts and hi-fidelity for finished ideas. Also use custom CSS code for enhanced styling.


Conduct video design meetings with remote presentations

MockFlow's wireframe tool is built for teams, which includes team-chat, video/audio meetings and annotated feedback all without leaving your editor.


Team UI Packs

Team UI packs that are auto-shared

Create a UI pack from scratch with your business components or merge existing UI packs for faster wireframing with your team. For more templates, UI packs or add-ons, install from MockStore

Major differences

  MockFlow Balsamiq
Wireframing check check
CSS Support check dash
Coded components check dash
Component level themes check dash
Tailwind support check dash
SiteMap check dash
StyleGuide check dash
User Personas check dash
Design management check dash
Integration apps check check
User Testing check dash
Store check check
Video meetings check dash
File collaboration check dash

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