Best Open Source Icon Libraries in 2024

Best Open Source Icon Libraries in 2024

12 Feb 2024

In the world of design, icons play a crucial role in shaping the visual language of websites, web apps, and mobile applications. As a designer, you know that these small graphical elements play a monumental role in user experience. Yet, finding the right icons – ones that match your style and vision – is often a journey filled with challenges.

Designers, like you, possess a unique flair and inclination towards certain aesthetics. Icons, serving as the visual shorthand of your creations, should seamlessly align with your distinctive design language. But let's face it – the struggle to discover the perfect icons is an all-too-familiar story.

For those seeking open-source icon libraries, this guide outlines the top Open Source Icon Libraries in 2024. Designed for the discerning creator in you, this compilation understands that your design choices are as unique as your fingerprint. It's not just about finding icons; it's about discovering collections that resonate with your style.

Font Awesome

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Font Awesome is a widely used open-source icon library and has been a reliable companion for designers worldwide. Font-Awesome 5 boasts a vast array of icons, ranging from the elemental to the esoteric. Whether you're sculpting a minimalist interface or injecting personality into a bold design, FontAwesome has you covered.

Advanced Styling Options:

What sets Font Awesome 5 apart is its commitment to providing designers with unparalleled control. The library supports a variety of styles, including Solid, Regular, and Light, allowing you to tailor icons to match your project's visual language seamlessly.

FontAwesome 5 has evolved with the design landscape. The latest version introduces new icons, ensuring that designers have access to contemporary symbols that resonate with modern interfaces. Regular updates keep the library in sync with emerging design trends.

Bootstrap Icons

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Bootstrap Icons is a dynamic resource with a diverse array of visually captivating options. Tailored for creative projects, these icons seamlessly integrate into websites, applications, and presentations, bringing a touch of sophistication to every visual endeavor. Bootstrap Icons prides itself on its versatility, offering a spectrum of visually appealing options that span across various categories. From conventional UI elements to distinctive symbols, these icons are crafted to cater to the eclectic tastes of designers, developers, and content creators.

Empowering designers, developers, and content creators alike, Bootstrap Icons grants creative freedom. Its extensive collection ensures that there's an icon for every imaginative concept, fostering a space for innovation and uniqueness in every project.

Beyond functionality, Bootstrap Icons is curated to enhance the overall visual appeal of your projects. These icons aren't just symbols; they are visual enhancements that elevate the aesthetics of websites, applications, and presentations.

Material Icons

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Material Icons provide a comprehensive range of icons, covering everything from everyday user interface elements to specialized symbols. This inclusivity empowers designers to maintain a consistent visual language throughout their projects, creating a polished and user-friendly experience. Built as scalable vector graphics (SVG), Material Icons are adaptive to various screen sizes and resolutions. This ensures that the elegance of these icons remains intact, whether they grace a small mobile interface or a large desktop display.

Material Icons offer dynamic theming options, allowing designers to tailor the appearance of the icons to match the color scheme of their projects. This feature enhances customization, ensuring that the icons seamlessly integrate into the visual identity of your applications.


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Heroicons are a set of beautifully crafted SVG icons created by the same team that developed Tailwind CSS. Heroicons exemplify the beauty of minimalism. Each icon is carefully designed to convey its message with clarity and simplicity, making it an ideal choice for projects that prioritize a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Heroicons are lightweight, ensuring that they don't contribute unnecessary bulk to your projects. This emphasis on efficiency doesn't compromise on visual impact, making these icons a pragmatic choice for applications and websites where performance is paramount.

Heroicons offers a range of styles, allowing designers to choose icons that align with their project's specific visual requirements. From solid to outline styles, these icons cater to a diverse set of design preferences, providing flexibility without sacrificing coherence.

Feather Icons

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True to its name, Feather Icons prioritizes lightweight design. These icons are crafted to have a minimal impact on project performance, making them an excellent choice for applications and websites where speed and efficiency are paramount.

Recognizing the importance of adaptability, Feather Icons allows for easy customization. Designers can effortlessly adjust the size, stroke width, and color, tailoring the icons to seamlessly integrate with the project's overall visual identity.

Octicons by Primer

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Octicons, curated by Primer, GitHub's design system, presents an extensive assortment of open-source icons, addressing a wide spectrum of design requirements. Covering diverse categories, these icons offer versatility suitable for a myriad of projects. With a dedicated emphasis on clarity and consistency, Primer's icons seamlessly integrate into designs, enriching user experiences across various digital platforms. The library provides icons in both 16px and 24px sizes, allowing for flexibility to match specific project needs. Icons can be effortlessly customized to meet varying requirements. Moreover, they are available for download in SVG and PDF formats, and their adaptability extends to usage in React, Ruby, or Jekyll frameworks.

Primer's icon library distinguishes itself through its commitment to accessibility and a user-centered approach. Meticulously crafted, these icons prioritize easy recognition and accessibility for all users, ensuring an inclusive and user-friendly design experience.


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Featuring premium-designed icons meticulously crafted for web, iOS, Android, and desktop applications, Ionicons stands out as a versatile icon set. With support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Ionicons not only ensures visual excellence but also provides flexibility for responsive design. This icon set is not only beautifully designed but also completely open source, released under the MIT license. Ionicons, developed by Ionic, is a valuable resource for developers and designers seeking visually appealing and platform-adaptable icons.

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