Collaboratively build andpublish websites

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Live preview

Preview your code changes live in website as you edit

Download as zip

Download as zip

Zip the entire website for offline viewing or for custom deployments.

Content editor

Visual editor for updating text and images. Clients will love this feature for updating sites without going through code.

Content editor

HTML includes

Write re-usable HTML code for pages like header, footer without the overhead of server.

HTML includes
Built-in collaboration

Built-in collaboration

Projects can be securely shared to include multiple site editors

Template store

Kickstart website designs easily from readymade templates

Template store
1-Click publishing

1-Click publishing

Link site to a custom domain or vanity URL in 1-click. Published sites are automatically minified and gzipped for best performance.


Revision history for each file. And also full-site backups that can be easily restored or cloned as new sites.


Just code

WebsitePro takes care of server setup,deployment,build optimization,file management...

Just Code

Why static websites?

Most sites do not require server-side languages or database calls for their front-end websites. By switching your front-end site to static (HTML/CSS/JS only), web pages render lightning fast with no server overhead and also with no security holes. A static site is served many times quicker thus improving page load time and faster sites get better SEO ratings in search engines.

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