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Collaboratively build and publish powerful websites with MockFlow WebsitePro Open

MockFlow WebsitePro provides a super-fast development platform to code, manage and host static websites. Its beautifully crafted editor is built to focus only on creating static sites therefore it eliminates all un-necessary complexity and overhead that most editors have.

Live preview

Live preview opens side-by-side with code editor, as the user edits the code the changes are automatically reflected in the live preview window. With live preview, there is no need to refresh the website to see the changes.

Export to zip

The entire website made with WebsitePro can be exported to a zip file. Which can be used for offline viewing or for performing custom deployments.


Apart from publishing websites to WebsitePro servers, Websites can also be directly published to user's own server using FTP or even to any Amazon S3 based bucket.
Amazon S3

Content Editor

WebsitePro provides a built-in visual editor too for updating text and images in websites. Clients will love this feature as they can perform superficial content updates without going through code.

HTML includes

Do you use server-side languages like PHP just for 'includes'? Then forget it. WebsitePro has 'HTML Includes' that lets users write re-usable HTML code for pages like header, footer without the overhead of server.

Built-in collaboration

Like all MockFlow products, WebsitePro has real-time collaboration in its roots. Projects can be easily and securely shared to include multiple site editors. It also comes with team chat and real-time syncing of files between multiple users.

Template store

It comes with an integrated template store for users to kickstart their website designs from pre-created templates. Templates include features like responsive sites, parallax scrolling, dynamic galleries...

1-Click publishing

Websites can be published to a custom domain (owned by the user) or to vanity URL ( in a single-click. Published projects are automatically minified and gzipped for best performance.


WebsitePro provides revision history for each file. And also users can create full-site backups in a single click that can be restored or cloned as new projects.

Just code

It provides a simplified editor designed for websites which includes no-server setup, no-deployment, no-build optimization, no-file management... everything is taken care. Save time and just code.

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