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Craft brand pages and design documents easily with MockFlow StyleGuide Open

Specify, share and update design guidelines for your products and brand in an effortless way with MockFlow StyleGuide. StyleGuide helps to make specifications for your design with fonts, colors, images, UI elements etc. This helps designers and developers to collaborate on projects much easily by using styleguides as a reference.


Once you create a styleguide, its look and feel can be instantly changed by switching its theme. MockFlow StyleGuide already comes with 4 built-in themes with more on the way including custom themes.


StyleGuide provides four kinds of sections which can be used to document any design specs simple and fast


Add custom colors or pick color from popular palettes like Material, Boostrap, Flat... Color codes like Hex, RGB are auto-generated for immediate use. Using notes specify where and how to use the color.


Typography is an essential part of design. Easily pick fonts from popular font providers like Google or upload your own custom fonts along with their typefaces.


Use text sections to provide details, instructions, notes or alerts as part of the styleguide. Text layout can be selected based on the type of content.


Showcase your design, UI elements or pictures used in the design in this section. StyleGuide provides three kinds of image layouts - Grid, Single Column and Masonary styles.


As part of MockFlow Design Cloud, collaboration features are built-in like other MockFlow products. StyleGuides can be either shared privately with editor or reviewer permissions or publicly by generating links.

Use Cases

StyleGuides help designers to document what they create. Documenting designs makes it easy to iterate, share and manage its specs.

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Design and UI specifications

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Create and share branding guidelines


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