Share and review designs with your team

Upload, review and approve designs easily with DesignCollab Open

Review and approve design concepts with your team to help make design decisions faster. Create design projects like 'Website Designs', 'Office Architecture'... and then upload design variations for the project. Get feedback and approval to select the best design.


Boards helps to group collection of related images inside a project like 'Logos, Page Design, Background, Pricing Table'... Example

Compare variations

There are three modes for comparing designs in each board. Side-by-side comparison. Overlay comparison which puts the designs above each other with desired opacity. Diff comparison which visually identifies the differences between the images.

Approvals & feedback

E-mailing back and forth designs not only slows time but also makes the process cumbersome. DesignCollab is built to streamline the design review process in a elegant way through annotated comments and approvals.

Export PDF

Each board in a project can be exported to a PDF file. The generated PDF contains all the comments, variations made in that board.

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