Annotate images like a Pro

Create both static and interactive annotations with AnnotatePro Open

MockFlow AnnotatePro is a full featured annotation tool for illustrating images. It includes image editing, markup components, sticker store and interactive annotation features.

Designed for annotation

AnnotatePro is a tool you need to communicate visually, share your ideas and get feedback. It provides a fresh experience designed exclusively for illustrating images. Annotate images effortlessly with annotation components, effects, interactions and more.

Annotation FX

Annotation is not just about text and arrows. It is equally important on how effectively the image is presented. AnnotatePro includes effects for censoring content in images using pixelate or blur fx. Spotlight and Zoom Fx to highlight parts of the image.

Sticker store

AnnotatePro has an integrated third party sticker store that provides access to numerous markups components such as shapes, speech bubbles, stamps, signs, etc...

Make pictures interactive

Make your images user interactive. AnnotatePro supports various types of interactive content like text, images, videos, slideshows. The interaction pop-ups can be customized by style and effects. Interactive annotations can be embedded within webpages.

Animated icons

Easily identify the location of interactions in the image by using animated icons. Pulsating circle & radiating circle allows you to pinpoint the interaction presence.

Built-in collaboration

Annotations can be securely shared with co-editor or reviewer permissions. Or a public link can be generated for a wider sharing. Viewers can comment on the content and also show/hide annotations of the image if necessary.

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